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Parents and kids love ClassDojo Tutoring

“My daughter liked her teacher and felt the teacher was patient and positive the duration of the session.”

of parents who tried it, recommend ClassDojo Tutoring Parents rate it 4.7 out of 5 on average

“Chloe was struggling a bit with her reading, once she started with 1:1 classes she feel so much empowered”

“Teacher is really good, kind and great helper. My kiddo likes a lot her positive attitude, she feels really confident.”

“Ja'Zya said she liked everything about the class. If she loves learning, I love it too!”

“Tom's school teacher suggested he worked a bit more on his writing skills, but since I don't have much time to help him, ClassDojo has been a great solution”

“Leo loved his class, the teacher helped him with some homework he was struggling with! Loved it!”

say that their kid's performance in school improved thanks to ClassDojo Tutoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tutoring sessions are 25 minutes long and cost $30 per session. Recurring students get access to special discounts after their first class.

We offer flexible scheduling. If you want to change the date and time of your class, you can do so without any charge, up to 1 hour before it starts.

All of our teachers are verified elementary teachers from schools that use ClassDojo all over the U.S. When teachers apply to ClassDojo Tutoring, we perform a complete background check and a rigorous interview process to ensure we only work with the best. In fact, we only accept the top 8% of teachers who apply.

We currently offer tutoring for reading, writing, and math.

If your child did not enjoy the class or it wasn’t what you were expecting, just request a refund. No problem. 100% money back guarantee.

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