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ClassDojo Tutoring is a new way for you to increase your impact on students beyond the classroom. With one-on-one online tutoring, we’re pairing teachers like you with students grades K-6 who could use a little extra support in reading, writing, and math.

Why you’ll love ClassDojo Tutoring:

  • Set your schedule. Teach as many hours as you like at times that work for you.
  • Earn extra income. Work from home and get paid monthly.
  • Reach new students. More than 10 million families use ClassDojo every week. That’s a lot of eager students you could soon be teaching one on one.
  • Focus on what you do best. You do the teaching. We’ll take care of collecting payments, attracting students, providing Zoom links, and paying you at the end of each month.

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Applying is quick and easy—it only takes about five minutes. Once you submit your application form, our team will promptly review it and reach out to let you know the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClassDojo Tutoring is 1:1 classes, live and online, for students grades K-6. We currently offer classes in reading, writing, and math. You’ll be given basic guidance and assistance, and we may occasionally observe a class to ensure quality—and to see how awesome you are—but the rest is up to you!

You only need two things to qualify for ClassDojo Tutoring: passion for helping students and experience teaching in an elementary school that uses ClassDojo. Other than that, we look for teachers with energy, empathy, and a commitment to empowering kids to learn. Sound like you? Please apply!

Nope! You decide which grades and which topics you want to teach and how. Each student will have specific needs, and we trust that you’ll design a class just right for them. One thing we do require is an evaluation of your student after the first class. This helps parents understand where their child needs help and how you will help them thrive. Our interview and evaluation processes help to ensure the quality of our classes. And the occasional class observation gives us insight on how things are going. (Plus, we just really love to see you teach!) Otherwise, it’s all you.

Yes! When a student signs up for ClassDojo Tutoring for the first time, we assign them to a vetted teacher who is well-suited to their needs. The first class is your chance to show the student and parents how you’ll help them reach their goals. If they love you, you will work together for as long as they need.

You’ll have lifetime priority on being assigned new students. When students enroll in ClassDojo Tutoring, you’ll be among the first options when you match their criteria. We’ll only have 150 Founding Teachers. If you’re interested, sign up soon!

After you submit your application, we’ll review it and schedule the first interview. We’ll also request some basic information to run a background check. If you’re approved, we’ll provide the necessary documentation for you to get started planning your class schedule. And then it’s time to teach!